Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography Sessions- What are they & Do I even need one?

What is an Engagement Session?
An engagement session is essentially a fun and relaxed portrait session of you and your spouse. While the aim is mainly to get you feeling comfortable in front of the camera some clients opt for this session to fulfill a specific purpose including save the date cards or for display at your wedding reception.  More often than not its a wonderful opportunity to capture professional photographs of you two together at this time in your lives. Your engagement is a lovely time to commemorate with pictures of you together.


How does an Engagement Session work?
The first thing that we will do is work together to select a time and location for your shoot. On the day of the shoot we will meet at our pre-determined location and begin. Generally speaking we will take a walk and stop at intervals to capture images. I will be looking for amazing light, beautiful backgrounds and incredible compositions. While there are ‘poses’ that can help you out they are better thought of as guidelines for your interaction. After all we want images which demonstrate how comfortable you are together.

D & V-15.jpg

How do we pick a location for our Engagement Session?
If you have a location in mind I would love to hear about it. Many couples know exactly where they would like to shoot, because it is a location which is important to them. Choosing a location which is meaningful to you will add impact to your engagement pictures.
If you are not sure where you would like to have the session, however, don’t worry. I am more than happy to offer up some suggestions!


What should we wear for our Engagement Session?
The most important thing is that you need to feel like yourself – you want to reflect who you are in your images! If your a jeans and t- shirt kind of person don’t go wearing a cocktail dress if its going to make you uncomfortable.
Don’t feel that you need to match your future spouse either – coordination is good but try to avoid matching. Look for colors which compliment each other or are in the same family. Consider the location of your shoot also- an open field will lend itself more towards a casual dress or jeans than an evening gown.
If you are hiring a hair and make-up artist for your wedding day, before your session would possibly be a good time to arrange a trial. Although it is not a necessity, it can help boost your confidence and can ease your getting- ready process on the day of your wedding.

B & M-8.jpg

What else should we bring to our session?
Consider bringing along a bag which you can use to carry any extra items which you may choose to bring along. If you have a change of shoes, phones, car keys, sunglasses etc placing them into a bag will make transport easier. If you are considering changing up your look throughout the session, but don’t want to change your entire outfit you could consider bringing along an additional layer or a change of shoes and jewelry.

We are super nervous and we take terrible pictures- will you help us  to pose?
​It may be easier said than done but don’t worry about looking ‘bad’ in front of the camera. Out of all the weddings and engagement photographs I have shot not one couple has looked ‘terrible’ in front of the camera. It is natural and expected that you will feel somewhat awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera initially. After all – it isn’t every day that your being asked to stand facing your future spouse with his nose against your forehead! But it is my job to help direct you and allow you to relax into your session and ‘poses’. Usually we begin with a less intimidating interaction, such as simply walking up and down a path to allow you to settle in before progressing to more technically difficult ‘poses’. Remember you can’t really do it wrong- so long as you focus on your upcoming marriage and relish in the love you have for one another, this will be reflected in your images.


What if the weather looks terrible?
Believe me- I watch the weather like a hawk as an upcoming session approaches! If it looks like rain I will be in contact a few days in advance to discuss our next move. Occasionally this will involve picking a new date, however, there is always the option of waiting until the morning of the session to see what the weather has decided to do, though this isn’t generally recommended.

If you have found the one- your one and only, and need a photographer to capture your special day why not contact me to check availability? At In the Moment Photography we capture the most important images- we capture yours!

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