Anatomy of a Wedding day Part 1

Bridal Preparations Timeline

Whether your the most organised business woman in the world or someone who seems to be constantly running late to every event the fact is you (and your wedding day) will definitely benefit from having a well planned timeline and structure to run your special day by. But how on Earth do you organize one? and how much time should you really be allocating to each event?

For the majority of brides the day begins early (think rising with the birds kind of early) with hair and makeup preparation. Most hairdressers suggest that brides wash their hair the night before the wedding, not the morning of. Although the hair and makeup trial may have been an hour long session, this should only be used as a rough guide. Many hairdressers suggest one hour for the brides hair and between 45- 60 minutes for bridal makeup. This leaves sufficient time for any necessary tweaks and changes from the trial run. For every bridesmaid add an extra 30 minutes for hair and 45 minutes for makeup.

Em & Pete-41.jpg

Consideration of the order is important also- it is not unusual for the hairstylist to begin with the bridesmaids first, while the makeup artist is working on the brides. This means that when the photographer arrives those last minute ‘getting ready’ shots can be captured with the bride looking her absolute best in all images. After all- makeup can be touched up and reapplied easily!

It is usual for the photographer to arrive between 1 – 1 and a 1/2 hours before the bridal party is scheduled to leave. This leaves us with plenty of time to capture images of all those beautiful little details, the emotional moments and general hustle and bustle of the day, while also ensuring we arrive in time to capture your final preparation details- the putting on of the tiara/ veil, tying up the back of the dress, touch up of hair and makeup as well as those emotional moments when mum and dad view their little girl for the first time on her big day, and the expressions of surprise and emotion on the faces of all the bridal party as they catch their first glimpse of the bride.


During this time we usually begin to take some ‘formal’ photographs of you together with the bridesmaids, flower girls and family members (mum and dad etc). For these shots you should consider adding approximately 2-3 minutes/ shot for larger groups, but could cut back on this time if the group is smaller. Consider how punctual your group is and adjust the time accordingly. This is one area where discussing a ‘must have’ shot list with your photographer can be beneficial! If your really unsure about timing still, discuss details with your wedding suppliers (your hairdresser, photographer, celebrant). As wedding professionals we have dealt with many weddings and are more than willing to guide you in creating a perfect timeline so that your special day runs flawlessly!


Hopefully this allows you to begin filling in those first few all important details on your timeline! Stay tuned for the next installment- The Ceremony!

If you like the images you have viewed in this blog post let us capture similar moments for your special day! Email Hannah at to discuss your special day or take a look at our wedding packages in the bar above!

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