~Abbie & Nick~ Hanging Rock Hall NSW

Venue: Hanging Rock Hall, Cawongla.
Flowers: The enchanted florist
Make- up:
Hair: Jacque Benson & Brenda McDonald
Cake: Tara Osbourne and Kathy Douglas

Abigail and Nick’s amazing country themed wedding was a delight to photograph. For almost two weeks before the wedding a low had descended across the Lismore area, leaving the ground very wet and slushie. However, the wedding day dawned with only slight cloud cover which increased the excitement being experienced.
​A huge thank you to Sally and Scott who traveled down to the groomsmen to capture some fantastic shared moments- apparently its more difficult to roll up sleeves than we thought, who would have imagined?
Meanwhile Abigail and her bridesmaids were cool, calm and collected- enjoying every experience of their beautiful day.
I have to mention the amazing attention to detail that Abigail’s mother and sister put into the wedding. The hall at Hanging Rock, Cawongla, looked amazing and was all stylized and put together by them with help from some other amazing individuals. Overall this was a beautiful wedding and I feel so fortunate to have been a part of it!

Abi & Nick-Wedding (49)

Abi & Nick-Wedding (91)

Abi & Nick-Wedding (133)

Abi & Nick-Wedding (131)

I asked Abby and Nick some questions about their wedding day and these were their responses:

How did you meet?
We were at a young peoples camp held in August. They held an ice breaker that was a ‘warm and fuzzy’ and I got paired up with Nick. At first we didn’t hit it off, but it didn’t take long before we started spending a lot of time together.

How did he propose?
He took us up to a lovely look out. It was a beautiful day for a picnic. It was so nice to be surrounded by the countryside and all that our heavenly father had created. We were absorbed in one another’s company when Nick asked me to marry him. How more perfect could the day get? so we set about planning to spend the rest of our lives together.

What Inspired your wedding theme?
Ultimately it was our love for the country and everything associated with that. I’m a real country girl at heart.

What was the most important thing to you when you were planning your wedding?
The most important thing to me were the vows and promises I made to Nick and to God. However, my dress was also very important to me. I wanted the day be something we would remember, but which would reflect our love for all things country themed.

What was the most memorable thing from your day?
When I made my entrance and looked down the aisle at the man I was going to marry. His eyes and smile of love and pride said all I needed to know. The promise of today, tomorrow and always.

Abi & Nick-Wedding (353)

Abi & Nick-Wedding (359)

Abigail & Nick Wedding-6

Abigail & Nick WeddingAbi & Nick-Wedding (486).jpg

Abi & Nick-Wedding (475)

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