~Jade & Tom’s Picturesque Beach Wedding~

As photographers on a wedding day we walk into a very personal world, and it is always interesting to see how individuals react to one of the more emotional days in life’s calendar. It is always exciting to be apart of the bustling wedding preparations and a witness to the quiet, special moments between family members and between family and friends.

It was obvious from our first meeting that Jade and Tom love each other deeply and need to be together. They celebrated this fact by vowing their love to one another, and to their gorgeous daughter at the picturesque Seacliff Beach on one of the most glorious November afternoons possible.

The amazing blue of the ocean with the spectacular clean white sand provided a sensational backdrop for their vows. Jade and Tom chose to undertake a sand ceremony, where three different colors of sand were poured together into a beautiful jar, symbolizing the joining together of their family together on their wedding day. Although there were a few technical difficulties with the sand pouring (their daughter Ellie got a little excited with the sand pouring) it added that extra special element to their wedding day.

After enjoying the reception at the Seacliff life savers club for a short time while the sun went down, we then ventured back out onto the beach to capture some beautiful images as the sunset. It was a beautiful day, for a special couple and I wish you all the best for your future!

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