Renae and Daniel’s Mannum Wedding


Wedding Dress: Jenny and Gerry’s

Bridesmaid Dresses: Boo Hoo

Hair: Mannum Hair Design

Make-Up:Lauren Forbes

Reception: Mannum Community Club

Wedding Cake: The Painted Cake

DJ:DJ Simo

Renae and Daniel were married on the 15th of February on the banks of the Murray River at Mannum, SA. Their proposal was a funny story. On Christmas day Daniel asked Renae to follow him with her eyes closed. Renae was very excited…she thought that she was getting a thermomix as a gift! Instead she found Daniel down on one knee with a gorgeous ring!

I met the girls at Mannum hair design on the morning of the wedding where they were enjoying a bit of pampering and quality time together before walking down the aisle. Renae and Daniel have an adorable little girl named Olivia who had they had managed to convince to have a midday sleep (for anyone who isn’t a parent out there this is a pretty remarkable effort on any day – let alone a wedding day with all the hustle and bustle!). As the time for dressing approached Renae decided to wake Olivia up from her sleep…and was rewarded with tears. In a desperate bid to console her we offered food (a shortbread biscuit) which consequently was featured in all of the photos!

At 2.30pm the cars rumbled down to the park beside the river where Daniel was patiently waiting and eagerly anticipating his brides arrival. As Renae stepped from the car and walked down the aisle, Daniel’s tears began and hardly stopped right throughout the ceremony!

They celebrated their reception at the Mannum Community club, SA afterwards where they danced the night away to some awesome tunes provided by DJ Simo. It was truly a magnificent day and I wish them both all the best as they begin their life together as Mr and Mrs.

Mannum SA Wedding-39

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