Will and Loretta’s Rustic Farm Wedding


Bridesmaid dresses: JJ’s House

Bridal gown: Bridal on Pulteney

Groomsmen suits: Tarocash

Ceremony and Reception: Private Property

It was ten o’clock at night on the 24th of March when I received a phone call. ‘Hannah, are you free tomorrow night? More restrictions are coming in and we have to bring Will and Loretta’s wedding forward!’ Yes, I most certainly could shuffle things around and make myself available!

Will and Loretta had been planning for a few months prior – they had booked their venue (Originally Cudlee Creek Cafe), they had arranged their outfits and were eagerly anticipating their approaching wedding day of the 4th of April…and then Covid-19 broke out and their plans were thrown into uncertainty! Yes the day may not have been exactly as they planned or in the place they thought it would be, but it just revealed to me that what makes a wedding day special isn’t where it is located or what food is served – it is the fact that you are marrying the person your heart desires to be with, with loved ones surrounding you!

As a group everyone contributed in some small way – from the flowers on the arbour, to the beautifully decorated shearing shed (Loretta’s mum may have been thanking her lucky stars that she hadn’t yet found time to take the fairy lights down after their last daughter’s wedding!) everything came together spectacularly! It was truly a beautiful wedding day and I wish you both all the best in your married lives!

Strathalbyn Farm Wedding-22

Strathalbyn Farm Wedding-44

Strathalbyn Farm Wedding-46

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